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Will I Keep My Fallout 76 BETA Progress When the Full Game Launches?

The question in the title is on everybody’s lips, now that the Xbox BETA has started for Fallout 76 and there’s just a bit of waiting left to do for the PC and Playstation betas.

So… will you keep your Fallout 76 progress from the BETA when the full game launches or you’ll have to start over? This is the question we’re going to answer in today’s article!

And the short answer is that yes, you will get to keep all your game progress, items and character customizations when the full game launches.

If you’re playing on console, you will have to re-download and install the full game on November 14, while PC users won’t have to download it again.

The confirmation that you indeed get to keep all your progress from the Fallout 76 BETA comes from Bethesda themselves who said:

“The B.E.T.A. is the full game. Our current plan is for your progress to carry over once Fallout 76 officially launches on November 14. Stay tuned for more information.”

Of course, there’s no additional information available at the moment, but simply knowing that all your progress is not in vain makes those short bursts of play time that the BETA allows a lot more pleasant.

I personally know people who have spent almost an entire Beta phase to build their character and having to start over would probably be a nightmare for them.

And, of course, we already have people who are racking up the levels in the game and they’d definitely love to keep them as an advantage when the flood of survivors begins when the full game launches.

Did you get the chance to play the Fallout 76 BETA? Are you happy to hear that Bethesda plans to keep your progress from this stage or you think it would be a better idea to give everybody a fair chance when the game launches worldwide and reset everyone’s progress?

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