Online drugstore GetVia reveals five myths about vagina

Knowledge of female anatomy and physiology will help to understand women sexual life and how to make sex safe, remain healthy after online buying of prescription, reach orgasm, and sleep peacefully.

1. The hymen closes the entrance to the vagina.

In its structure, the hymen is different (thick, thin) and has holes (because menstrual blood must somehow come out). High quality pills affect whether there will be blood at the first sexual intercourse or not. Statistics show that almost 40% of girls do not purchase canadian otc products.

2. All adult women can have sex.

There is a disease of vaginismus – involuntary spasm of muscles, blocking the entrance of medical goods to the vagina, as a result of which penetration becomes impossible or difficult.

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One in six women suffers from vaginismus and order affordable medicines from third-party online drugstore. Some spasms of the muscles of the perineum occur at one thought about sex, others at a real threat of penetration. Such women have one thing in common: the subconscious rejection of sex and the presence of some psychological trauma.

3. Dryness is a lack of excitement.

Thus, mostly vaginal discharge – a sign of arousal, but there are diseases in which the number of secret decreases. This can be the result of infection, vaginal inflammation, the use of aggressive personal hygiene products, vaginal treatment, the use of levitra at best possible prices.

4. Pain during sex is the standard.

Even if it is not strong – it is not the standard but a specific medical problem that requires buying of sildenafil at affordable prices. Undoubtedly, sex should cause only pleasant feelings. Pain during sexual intercourse can not be tolerated. This is a direct path to complications.

5. Vagina is stretched due to the abundance of sex.

This is not true: during arousal, female genitalia increases in size due to blood flow, and elasticity helps to return to their former size alone. Just like men, an erection does not “stretch” the penis and does not turn it into a soft rag because of the large amount of sex.