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Modded Vault Prepares to Host The Outer Worlds Guides & Articles

I launched The Modded Vault (this blog!) as a Fallout fansite… so some people might find it strange or funny to hear that I am actually planning to play a lot of The Outer Worlds and cover it here.

But for most Fallout fans, my decision shouldn’t be too surprising. It’s enough to look at any Outer Worlds trailer (like the one below) to see that it’s really like “Fallout in space”:

In my opinion, The Outer Worlds seems to be everything that Fallout 76 failed to be (minus the MMO part).

And it shouldn’t be a huge surprise to notice the similarities: the people behind The Outer Worlds are those who delivered one of the most appreciated Fallout games out there, Fallout: New Vegas. So they clearly know how to do games and I am confident that The Outer Worlds will become exactly the challenge that Bethesda needed to make Fallout better and better in the future.

The truth is that – just like many players out there – I have been pretty much disappointed with Fallout 76. It seemed really fun at first, but it died fast, proving to me that it’s a boring experience, one that is completely unlike what I expect from an actual Fallout title.

The truth is that I am playing more Fallout 4 these days and I haven’t touched Fallout 76 in months.

Which makes me even more excited about The Outer Worlds which, I repeat, is exactly what a Fallout fan needs. I am sure it will be absolutely spectacular.

When is The Outer Worlds coming?

The RPG launches in October, on the 25th. It will be available on all platforms: PC, Xbox, Playstation, but a Switch version will be released at a later, unannounced date.

How to get The Outer Worlds for PC (but not from Epic Games)?

Like with most games I play, I am going to play The Outer Worlds on PC. And if you’ve been following this title for a while now, you know that there has been a bit of a scandal involving it.

The main reason why many gamers were upset was that before launch, The Outer Worlds became what was believed to be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

In other words, you can’t buy the game on Steam and play it starting October 25th. The game itself will only be available on Steam 1 year after its launch – which is an amount of time that most gamers are not really willing to wait for.

But at the same time, many gamers are completely against Epic Games and would prefer not to buy it from there. And if you’re one of them, you won’t be forced to buy it from Epic Games if you really want to play it on PC, on its launch day.

The game is also available on the Microsoft Store (which few people actually use or even know exists)… but it’s a viable option. It will be the same game, delivered via Microsoft’s store. And you already have that installed… so it shouldn’t be a problem to enjoy the game this way.

I don’t really want to be part of this beef with Epic Games Store – I believe that every gamer has their own right to be upset (or not) and use their store (or not). But it’s good to know that PC gamers do have an option.

What to expect in terms of The Outer World guides?

I will start playing the game on its launch day (since I don’t have an early copy or anything similar), and I am planning to start writing guides as soon as possible. I don’t really know what to promise right now, but I believe that – as it is the case of other Fallout games – there will be a ton of questions to answer and I will do my best to help you ASAP.

Also, I will provide lists related to the game, helping you find the best items, content, companions and all the other great stuff in the game.

Because The Outer Worlds is the big thing that every Fallout fan should be excited for right now, even if we’re not talking about a post-apocalyptic world filled with the well known characters (and especially opponents).

What are your thoughts about The Outer Worlds? Are you planning to play the game or not?

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