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Leaked Fallout 4 Screenshots on Ultra Settings, Full HD Are Real Eye Candy

I absolutely loved the first set of leaked screenshots from Fallout 4 and I loved the colors, the obvious improvements on the visual side… but some people still complained that the game doesn’t look that good.

Well, now we have real proof that Bethesda’s upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG does look amazing, as somebody leaked a few Fallout 4 screenshots on Ultra Settings, running on Full HD resolution (1920×1080).

The wasteland looks amazing, the level of detail is great, the colors are perfect. At least this is my opinion – and I know that there will still be a lot of people complaining. I’m sure they’re a minority and everybody else will love the looks of the game.

But enough talking! Check out below the leaked Fallout 4 Full HD screenshots on Ultra Settings (click the images to see them full size):

fallout 4 ultra graphics screenshots 01
fallout 4 ultra graphics screenshots 02
fallout 4 ultra graphics screenshots 03
fallout 4 ultra graphics screenshots 04
fallout 4 ultra graphics screenshots 05

[Source: imgur]

What do you think about these images? Do you think the console version will be able to match this eye candy?

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