How to Get more Wood in Fallout 76?

You should know that it’s difficult to ignore the potential of jokes related to the title of this article.

But this is indeed serious business and especially early on in the game you will have trouble finding wood in Fallout 76.

It’s one of the most important materials in the game and we’re going to talk about it in today’s guide on how to get more wood in Fallout 76.

Wood is used a lot when crafting and you need it for a plethora of items: from cooking basically every type of food in the game to building your dream base like no one has done before.

It’s also relatively difficult to find because you can no longer scrap the trees around your home base as you could in Fallout 76.

Wood. Wood is needed for everything in this game!

So… how to get more wood in Fallout 76? It’s not that difficult, you’ll see!

The easiest way to do it as you play the game is by collecting all the junk you normally come across during your explorations.

Most items that you’d consider logical to have wood, will in the game: cutting boards, wooden blocks, pens and everything else will give you wood when you scrap out the originals at any crafting bench.

You will also find all sorts of log piles from which you can constantly collect wood from.

These are in the larger settlements and areas in the game (such as Faltwoods, for example, where you have a couple of log piles next to the cooking stations).

The good thing about these is that you can constantly come back after a while and collect some more wood.

And even if you don’t have the easy option to cut down the trees around your base camp and turn them into the so much needed wood, you can still collect wood from fallen trees in the forests or even find log pieces and wood while exploring the world.

Just keep an eye open for tree stumps and fallen trees, then head over to them: you will usually be able to collect some wood from there as well.

There is also a Perk card that you can randomly receive and equip. It’s called Woodchuck and it basically doubles the amount of wood that you can find in the game.

It’s not really the best one to use as there might be more valuable ones, but if you want to go on a wood gathering quest and you have it, equip it and you’re life will be a lot easier.

There are probably other ways to collect a bunch of wood in Fallout 76 and there might be areas rich in wood.

We’ll update the article if we find out more ways for you to get wood in the game – and if you found one or more that are not listed in this guide, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.

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