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Fallout’s Nuka-Cola Quantum Becomes Reality Soon!

I was here, trying to procrastinate, trying to fill up the time left before Fallout 4’s release date on November 10, when I stumbled upon some news that made me smile: the Nuka Cola Quantum soda will become reality soon and you’ll be able to purchase it in a store near you. I didn’t see that coming!

If you live in the US, you will be able to visit Target stores and buy the real Nuka Cola Quantum starting November 10th. Yup, this means that two great products launch on the same day. And both of them come without the radioactive stuff, so we’re all safe.

Bethesda made the announcement via Twitter, and they were kind enough to share a shot of the upcoming Nuka Cola Quantum bottles:


In the video game series, the Nuka Cola is a highly addictive and slightly radioactive drink that gets its well known fluorescent blue glow from a small amount of radioactive strontium. The real life version, though, which will be produced by Jones Soda Company will be nothing but a rebranded version of Jones Soda’s Berry Lemonade.

So… uhm… there will be no Cola in the Nuka Cola? That’s a big downside, I guess. Plus, the bottles look nothing like the cool ones in the game and I’d dare to say that they look actually meh. Of course, the ones in the game look a loot like real Coca Cola bottles, so they couldn’t to that. But they certainly could’ve made them slightly cooler.

But I’d get them either way. Nothing compares to playing Fallout 4 and enjoying a Nuka Cola. That’s how it has to be done!

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