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Fallout 76 Microtransactions – Would They Ruin the Game?

Bethesda had a lot to offer about Fallout 76 during their E3 conference where they showed a lot of actual gameplay and tons of other details for fans of the franchise.

But they haven’t touched an extremely delicate and important subject: microtransactions. And this is something that could have huge impact over the game.

Because Fallout 76 microtransactions are almost guaranteed to be in the game.

They haven’t been confirmed officially, that is correct, but I am 100% sure that if there were no microtransactions involved, Bethesda would’ve bragged and Todd Howard would’ve announced that over and over again. But that didn’t happen.

As a result, I am certain that we’ll have the dreaded microtransactions in the upcoming RPG. But will these Fallout 76 microtransactions ruin the game?

They might. But probably they won’t, because this is Bethesda we’re talking about. And I still trust Bethesda.

Since the main focus of Fallout 76 is going online with your pals and rebuilding the Wasteland (and most likely battle other players and loot their corpses), there will most likely be some sort of microtransactions involved.

However, if Bethesda doesn’t want to completely ruin this game, the microtransactions – if present at all – should only offer players the chance to buy various customization options.

Nothing that affects the core gameplay. Nothing to give players an advantage over others who can’t afford or don’t want to spend an extra buck for in-game items.

Hopefully we won’t have to pay for this

People are already complaining about the fact that there will be no official modding for Fallout 76, and introducing premium items or anything that would affect the core gameplay would be a terrible mistake.

Taking out modding is a terrible mistake too, but that’s just another sign that Bethesda is planning to see us pay for (some) things in the upcoming RPG.

But what will these things be? Hopefully nothing more but Paint Jobs for all the items in the game. Maybe stuff for the structures we’ll build, since it is going to be highly focused on rebuilding.

But microtransactions should not allow others to buy weapons or armor or materials to use in the game. These things have a direct influence over the core game and how it is played and it would give an unfair advantage to others. This is not something any fan of the Fallout franchise wants to happen.

It’s already hard to digest that the focus here will be on the multiplayer aspect, so let’s not make it worse by ruining it with unnecessary microtransactions! We don’t want them, we don’t need them – but we could accept some aesthetic ones as long as the core game remains untouched.

But we already have the Creation Club in Fallout 4 so most likely there will be some sort of a Creation Club in Fallout 76 as well. Getting weapons from that place or additional armor or items would have a different impact on the game, though – at least on the multiplayer part of the game. The PvP part, actually, where the one paying for the better guns will usually win.

In Fallout 4, you could easily play and win everything without even caring about the Creation Club. I am a huge fan of the game and never felt the need to purchase anything extra from the Creation Club.

And I was still able to fully enjoy the game, get a ton of weapons and rule the Commonwealth.

But things might change in an online game, where somebody with deep pockets could buy a badass gun and blast everything around, while free to play survivors would only be able to kill radroaches with their BB Gun…

I am actually surprised to see that there’s so little talk about microtransactions right now and everybody is waiting for Bethesda to make the next move and say something about it.

Well, I decided to say it first, before they make a wrong move: Please, Bethesda, don’t ruin the game with microtransactions!

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