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Fallout 76 First Impressions Round-up: Is This Game a Complete Mess or What?

The Fallout 76 BETA is just around the corner, and I can’t wait to actually get the chance to play the game. But until I’ll be able to share my own impressions on the game, I am reading them from people who already got the chance to play.

And unfortunately, many of the worries that we have about an online-only Fallout game seem to have valid grounds.

At least this is what I’m tempted to believe after reading a ton of Fallout 76 first impression articles. So I’ve decided to create this round-up so that you can read them too in case you’ve missed them.

Before we do that, though, there’s a general consensus that the game journalists seem to agree with: Fallout 76 is not inherently a bad game, but it’s not what the typical fan of the series would expect to get either.

It’s not like those hardcore survival games either, but it also lacks in terms of human interaction since the number of players per servers is extremely limited. Combine that with a humongous map and you’ll feel very lonely out there.

This seems to be the main concern for everybody who has played the game: it’s not really that bad, but you feel lonely. It’s like you’re exploring a huge, lifeless place and that takes out some of the fun.

Not having NPCs, not having the ton of characters that settlements deliver (with all their stories) takes out a lot of the charm that Fallout games have.

Will this be a failed experiment or not? This is something that only time can tell, but if I am to share my opinion, I’d have to say that I believe Fallout 76 will be successful in the end.

It will take some adjustment from some, but I believe that in the end it will prove to be a solid game that fans of the franchise will play for years to come.

But hopefully this won’t mean that your regular, single-player focused, story-rich Fallout games are dead. That would be the worst thing that could happen!

Fallout 76 First Impressions Round-up

With these in mind, let’s see what others who had the chance to play the game early had to say. You can check out their impressions following the links below:

Gamespot’s hands on preview with Fallout 76 can be read here.

Engadget took the game for a spin too and shared their thoughts here.

PC Gamer has two articles where they share impressions about the game (more actually, but these two are the most important). The first one talks about the multiplayer aspect of the game, while the second is a bit more critical, but concludes that the game is still fun.

Game Informer has a really in-depth article, sharing everything they could about the upcoming game, including some gameplay footage. Make sure to check their article here.

If you’re looking for a more bullet style list, IGN is the place to go since they have an article with 45 things they learned from Fallout 76. They also have a regular article where they share impressions on the lonely-feeling multiplayer game.

Polygon also shared their opinions on the game here.

And if you’re the type of person who prefers watching a video instead of writing, the folks over at Easy Allies have a quick hands-on preview of the game here.

This would be it – I believe that these are all the hands-on impressions available online right now, but I might’ve missed some.

Either way, we can see from most that we’re talking about a game where you have a ton of things to do, but where you also feel lonely and not quite in a Fallout title.

Until I get the chance to test it out – only on October 30th since I am playing on PC, I won’t be able to share my thoughts. Hopefully they won’t be too grim, as I am afraid they might be.

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