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Fallout 4 Leaks: Check Out a Quick Behemoth Fight

Bethesda must be pretty unhappy with the amount of leaked content we’re seeing online from Fallout 4, but I personally believe that it’s all good publicity.

We’ve had videos, we’ve had a ton of screenshots leaked that prove that the game is absolutely beautiful and every new leak that appears online (and there are more and more every day) just prove that we have all the rights in the world to be extremely happy about the upcoming launch of Fallout 4.

I managed to find a quick video to share with you below: a Behemoth fight in Fallout 4, one that ends prematurely but proves that we’re going to have a lot of fun in the game.

And a ton of broken bones, especially if the said Behemoths are involved. But I’m sure we’ll find a ton of other ways to lose our limbs in the game. Now check out the awesome Behemoth in Fallout 4. They seem somewhat more impressive than the ones in Fallout 3:

So running doesn’t really seem to be an option here. Pretty fun. Or not. We’ll see once we get to actually play this thing and meet the big bad Johns. Uhm… Behemoths.

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