Fallout 4 Launch Trailer Is Here and It’s Amazing!

Bethesda have decided to treat us well a few days before the worldwide launch of Fallout 4 and they released a brand new trailer for the game – the launch trailer which is pretty much amazing.

Although it does show us quite a bit of stuff that we’ve already seen in the previous videos, they still had some surprises saved up for us.

Like this guy that you can see below and looks extremely interesting, most likely an AI-ghoul stuff that proves that there are still a bunch of surprises waiting for us in the wasteland:

fallout 4 launch trailer robot

But we’re not here to check out the scary dude alone, we’re here watch the Fallout 4 launch trailer, right? Here it is:

So we got a glimpse at the Fallout 4’s female character as… uhm… astonishing performance in the game, as well as a bit of info on some of the factions and interesting characters we’re going to meet in the game (what’s up with the crazy pirate ghoul, ha?).

All in all, I can honestly say that I’m insanely excited. Just bring us the game!

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