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Fallout 4 Companions Guide: Companion List & Perks

It’s pretty obvious, I hope, that we’re talking about a ton spoilers here, so if you don’t want to read them – navigate away from this page now! If you do, then you’ll be really happy to hear that one Reddit user (fireundubh) managed to get a lot of sensitive and extremely interesting information about the upcoming game, including the complete list of Fallout 4 companions and their unique perks.

The list, which can be seen below, contains 11 companions (with Dogmeat missing) and their awesome perks, plus the effects they have on gameplay. This is really massive and it helps out planning your companion choices easily, even tough I’m sure that most of the male players will simply go – as I will, most likely – with the best looking female companion. I’m a simple man!

But let’s stop talking and let’s check out the Fallout 4 companions guide and their perks below:

Companion Perk Effect
Cait Trigger Rush Action points regenerate faster if your health is below 25%.
Codsworth Robot Sympathy +10 damage resistance against robot energy weapons.
Curie Combat Medic Once per day, heal 100 points if health falls below 10%.
Danse Know Your Enemy Damage +20% against Ferals, Super Mutants and Synths.
Hancock Isodoped At 250 rads or higher, get criticals 20% faster.
MacCready Killshot Headshots in V.A.T.S. increased by 20%.
Nick Valentine Close to Metal One extra guess and 50% faster terminal cooldown when hacking.
Piper Gift of Gab +100% XP bonus for speech challenges and discovering new locations.
Preston United We Stand Damage +20% and +20 damage resistance when facing three or more opponents.
Strong Berserk When below 25% health, melee weapon damage increases by +20%.
X6-88 Shield Harmonics +20 damage resistance vs. energy.

This sounds pretty interesting. I’d say that Danse has a nice damage boost effect, MacCready as well for the headshot boost, as well as Preston. Pretty sweet!

There are a lot more leaks and information on Reddit so you can follow the link above if you want to see all the locations in the game (320 of them!), unique perks and magazines. Things are getting more and more interesting!

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