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Bethesda Teases New Fallout via Twitter – What Could It Be?

Bethesda has caused a real storm of tweets and hype with a simple tweet. Well, their “simple” tweet is related to Fallout so it makes sense to have a huge reaction from the gaming world.

It’s just a teaser, most likely preceding some sort of announcement that we’re most likely to see during E3 2018 in June. They have have posted a tweet with the hashtag “PleaseStandBy” and an image from a Fallout broadcast:

Their current cover image of the Twitter account has been switched to the Fallout broadcast message “Please stand by” so it’s definitely extremely big news coming.

But what could it be?

Although many voices consider that it’s a special edition of the Fallout 3 game or maybe a remake of Fallout: New Vegas, I strongly doubt that will be the case. It’s something much bigger that that!

Hoping for a Fallout 5 is a bit too early, even though it’s been two and a half years already since Fallout 4 was released. But it’s a perfect time for a spin-off, something similar to Fallout: New Vegas.

If we look back at how things went after the release of Fallout 3 by Bethesda, we can see than New Vegas was launched 2 years after. Fallout 4 came 7 years later, so to believe that Bethesda is actually planning to release Fallout 5 so soon would be too much (especially since there hasn’t been a new ESO game released and most likely that will follow next).

But this November marks the three-year anniversary following the launch of Fallout 4 and a great moment to launch a spin-off. Actually, I am 100% certain that this is exactly what we’re going to get. A brand new Fallout game built on the same engine as Fallout 4 and not a direct sequel.

Having in mind that New Vegas was insanely popular (although it was my least favorite Fallout game), it makes sense to see Bethesda release something similar, especially since they have the engine to build it from and enough time has passed since the release of the previous game in the Franchise.

Even more, a sad tweet from New Vegas developers Obsidian Interactive also encourages us to believe that it’s indeed a new Fallout game coming soon. Obsidian posted this tweet soon after Bethesda’s “PleaseStandBy” tweet:

Although they say nothing about Fallout in their tweet, which reads: “How do you let someone down easily? Asking for a friend.” and has the hashtag “ItsNotUs,” it is pretty much clear what they’re talking about: that they are not the ones working on a new Fallout game.

But this doesn’t mean that somebody isn’t working on one. I would even go as fat as saying that it proves even more that a brand new Fallout game is coming.

The only concern I have is that it might be a smaller mobile game, something similar to Fallout Shelter that Bethesda launched back in 2015. Although the game was a financial success and is still played by many today, I wouldn’t be extremely happy to hear that it’s a new mobile game that they’re promoting.

But since the whole teaser seems to have taken over their entire Twitter account, it certainly is a big announcement, not a freemium mobile game. So it can be nothing but a brand new game set in the Fallout universe.

Do you agree?

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