About Us

Welcome to The Modded Vault! This is an unofficial Fallout 4 fansite, focusing on the game’s sublime customization: we’re all about finding the best Fallout 4 mods and sharing them with you, from weapons to armor, to visual enhancements and everything in between. Because there’s just one way to make an almost flawless game even better: by using the mods created by the amazing community!

We will do our best to deliver Fallout 4 news and goodies like guides, secrets and much more – but our main focus will be, mostly because of the lack of man power, modding. But, who knows – maybe someday this will become the greatest Fallout 4 fansite that ever was!

Have in mind that The Modded Vault is NOT affiliated with Bethesda or the game Fallout 4: we’re just an official fansite trying to help the community and organize things a little bit. And hopefully we’ll be able to do a pretty good job about it!